Behind the Scenes

Many people can look at a photo and say whether it’s a good one or not – but for the photographer, the process of getting to that end image, is truly a work in process. At most times the onlookers of our photographs do not realize the sometime great lengths we as photography enthusiasts go to in order to get that shot off. It’s a painstaking process but we go through it in order to harbor the fruits of our labor or in this case that photo that makes you says ‘Ooh’ and ‘Ahs’.

Sometimes you can find us up even before the sun has peaked over the eastern hemisphere to shoot that immaculate rise over that body of water. It’s cold, dark and sometimes disorienting to navigate, but we do it. Sometimes you can find us late at night over the foot walk of a bridge waiting to time that perfect long exposure shot. It takes trial and error, more than once, a steady tripod and an even steadier night with no wind. Sometimes you can find us practicing our stealth ninja skills, or lack thereof shooting off street photography. It’s awkward at times when you’re caught, people stare you down while pointing a camera in or at their direction, but the payoff is worth the risk.

It’s rare you get to see the behind the scenes look at what goes on at shoots unless you too are there shooting with your friends. Because we know the work it takes it makes us grin ear to ear when we finally are done with post production and the image we wanted to capture emerges from the myriad of negatives we have shot. Appreciation from the public is amazing of course but appreciation from fellow shooters is just that icing on top the cake because they know the work you had to put in.

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

Next time you look at a photo – think of what it took to get that image – you’ll appreciate it that much more.


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