My Day Job

When people ask me the age old question when you finish college ‘What do you do for work?’ to which I respond quite diligently with ‘Oh I’m a marketer for a software company.’ This garners strange responses and often even stranger facial expressions. Everyone assumes I work in the department that sells software but I don’t. Wouldn’t you call that a sales department? We have one of those. This is where I kindly and as to the best of my knowledge correct them on the differences between sales and marketing.

You see we don’t deal with sales but we aid them to seal the deal. A marketer’s job is to;

  1. Find who the organization should be targeting
  2. Where they are located in the vacuum of consumerism and
  3. The needs they have that your product can fix

People often think all we do is sell things people don’t need, but it couldn’t be further from the truth.

As part of my job I dabble in a bit of everything from actual marketing to sales and all the way down to even tech support. My primary objective is to create content that generates organic interests in potential clients that draws them towards our products, we call that inbound marketing. So content you say? Much like content for my blog I have to think of content for my work, which brings me to the point of visiting a client site last Friday.

What would a marketer do at a client site you may also ask? Why snoop around on the buses of course! A tech support and I made our way to the site and spent our time surveying the buses, its interior (so tech support can recon mounting of our hardware), exterior, inter-modal workers and even bus drivers. I was really there to snap photos of any and all things that I can use in my efforts for content. It also proved a good opportunity for me to see my company’s software and hardware at work not to mention the many old, new, really new and even broken down buses I got to stand in, smell, snap photos of and sit down in.

Broken Down & Out for the Count

Broken Down & Out for the Count

The hangar for the bus station was filled with buses that were broken down and needed to be showed some tender loving to get back on the road.

I was amazed to find a few old trolleys on their garage lot. I love and do enjoy very much old things – it’s very nostalgic to look and embrace these pieces of history. They were kept in almost prime condition, minus the fact the a few nick knacks were gone or ripped.

With the old there was a plethora of new. One of the buses was so new it hasn’t even been worked on yet. It still retained a new car smell! I didn’t think buses would posses such a trait.

With a garage being a garage you can bet there are old parts laying our the land. These rotors surely have passed their prime with being used. Anyone has oil lube to give them new life?

I spent the rest of my afternoon sitting on a bus going around in circles making sure that the hardware on a working bus was, well, working. Students of the Fitchburg State College must thought I was a weirdo for having a DSLR on the bus snapping away at photos.

Point of View

Point of View

My line of work may not be the most interesting thing in the world, but a chance to be outside with my camera and snap photos is a welcomed chance, even if it is for work. Old and new things come and go, but its fantastic seeing both old and new in one place – it gives you a sense of coming and going.


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