The Journey

A lot of life has been seen or felt with a rush of speed of getting from one destination to another in a hasty manner. Human beings, in the face of technology, want to get to where they are going without little or any distraction in-between. This is perfectly understandable if you are late for a doctor’s appointment or your wife is in labor but no one seems to really want to stop and smell any roses anymore.

For me it’s simple: Life Isn’t About Arriving – It’s the Journey.

This is exemplified each and every time I ride my two-wheel steed. It doesn’t matter where I am going or even how long it will take me to get there but as long as getting to where I am going is an adventure in itself I can be quite content with that. What is the fun or joy in life if you don’t notice the things happening around you? Imagine how great it will be to get out of the car once in a while and just take a look around, feeling the air move pass you, the sun shining its life upon you and the creek with all its movements and noises. Your mind and spirit will thank you for the littlest of experiences away from your every day mundane routine.

I spend hours upon hours riding around aimlessly because I am not concerned about when I need to get to where I am going, I will get there in due time, but the experience of just being outside and the thrill of adventure just luring its head around a that corner can lead me to many different places. Coffee shops can be a distraction where I can spend hours just even furthering my indulgence of taking my time, Echo Lake in the White Mountains is another perfect example – I usually sit by its water’s edge and reflect, think and not think all at the same time, and the Zakim Bridge has found me wandering around its ground plenty of times not to mention the Charles River boat house. My point here is to really stop the rushing. You’ll eventually get to where you’re going to get too but why not have some fun before arriving? That’s my spice of life.

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it – Ferris Bueller


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