Man’s Best Friend: His Dog

I remember watching the movie Made of Honor (yea I know very unmanly of me) where Patrick Dempsey’s character professes his love easily to a canine and not that of his leading co-star. What relevance does this have with me? Well for one I am a huge lover of animals and my favorite of all times may just be a furry four-legged friend of Man called canines.

Growing up I, like most other kids, I wanted a puppy of my own, but due to parental authority over safety, responsibility and ultimately who will clean up the poop I did not get what I had wished for. Not as a toddler at least. Fast forward a few years and I am happy to announce we finally have a family dog who’s been with us since he was six weeks old, he’s over two years now and big as ever!

Over the course of ownership, partial ownership since he is primarily my brother’s dog, I have grown to love and adore this pooch. Even when he does nothing but cause a RUCKUS throughout the entire estate, he still is the sparkle in my eyes. Not a day passes by where I don’t have the urge to see, pet, rub the belly or take for a walk the pooch of my family.

Oh his name is Dozer – he is a handsome little buggah.



He can be a handful at times but to be honest he is like a baby – you always need to give them attention whether it’s feeding, bathing or playing. Put in the time and the love and loyalty that they give in return is unmatchable. Not to mention he is a goof ball at most times. Always finding a way to throw a smile on your face whenever you are down.

Cant Fault This Face

Cant Fault This Face

Even when he rips your socks and steals your couch you cant be mad at him – at least I cant.

He is a pit-bull/boxer mix. The best of both kinds rolled into one I have to say. I love pit bulls and I love boxers, if that wasn’t apparent already. I am an all-around big dog lover. To me they are more fun, you can take them to more places, play catch with a ball or Frisbee or they can become one giant furry pillow for you to rest your head on. You name it they can provide. Best of all when you come home after a horrible work week their big eyes give the best comfort.

Aside from comfort he can be a goofball as I mentioned earlier:

But it’s just not only him I adore, as I mention I love pit bulls and boxers so I was glad to have the opportunity the last few weeks to meet two others of friend’s of mine:

Chewy belongs to my friend Minh whom owns that Panigale S a few post back. The beauty here is Chewy is a BIG dog, but he is also a RESCUED dog. People often forget or in fact neglect the idea of adopting instead of buying outright. It’s a tragedy to be honest because thousands of dogs EVERY DAY is euthanized when there are thousands of more happy homes they can go too.

If you buy from pet shops or breeders you’re just adding to this increasing number. You can help find a dog a better home, a home all dogs deserve. For more information check out Petfinder.

Chopper is still a puppy and an energetic one at that! He’s a blue nose pit bull and honestly they have their own spot in my heart. When they are this tiny you can help but love them to death. When Dozer was still a pup people would stop and ask to pet him so I would respond with a ‘yea that would be fine!’ They then would proceed with asking his breed to which I replied ‘pit bull.’ In the span of milliseconds it is as if the world has ended and ice covered all the continents they would pull away in fear at those words.

This also presents a problem with society – they blame the breed and not the deed when it should be reversed. Because he is part pit bull they stereotype this breed to be vicious and malicious but it boils down to THEIR OWNERS and how they are trained. People neglect the fact to learn about their breeds so they let their ignorance of what society has taught them to run a muck. To be honest pit bulls were bred to be nurse help aids, in fact one of their duties was to watch over newborns! Let that sink in for a second.

You can’t fault for what they ultimately decide not to know. For me I love my dog. More than I can admit to actual people which is probably why that scene in Dempsey’s movie shown light to me. I hope you enjoyed this little insight into my little world of my furry friend.

On that note I think it’s time to take him for a walk!


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