Moonlight Bay

It’s been an ongoing 7 days of surplus 90+ degree weather pretty much all around the country and I can attest that it has been brutal.

A way to cool off is of course going to the beach but if you’re anything like me you can already tell it will be packed full of people, families, bikinis and guidos. I’m not a fan of packed beaches at all, so I prefer to go at night, which is exactly how I chose to spend my Friday night.

It’s much cooler, less crowded and you can really submerge yourself in the sounds of nothing but the ocean. Tonight was no different as by the 10 P.M. arrival I saw a less crowded beach, cooler sands, stores ready to be closed and of course my good friends. Although tonight I chose to do some long exposure shots of the bay, jetty or whatever you call them, just mostly away from the masses of people.

As I was setting up and I can tell you borrowing someone else equipment and not knowing how to work it can be a difficult challenge. During this time a young gentleman, Chris, approached me and asked I could take a picture of him and his father. He was there having a late night talk with his dad right before he was about to tie the knot to the love of his life today. With this story how could I not say yes?!

The last time I shot long exposure was last summer and I am completely rusty at it, the image showed. I was very disappointed in my efforts but Chris was more than happy to just have that moment in time with his father before the next big chapter in his life began. I was really happy to just be even a miniscule part of this step.

Father & Son Under the Night Sky

Father & Son Under the Night Sky

To Chris, I hope you nothing but happiness and joy with the next chapter of your life and with your bride by your side.

After a firm handshake and exchange of emails, some grinds, thank you’s and laughter I got back to shooting. As I said before I am extremely rusty and it showed sadly. It affirmed to me that to be good at anything you truly need to practice your craft.



This is one of my favorite spots and its a further drive past the Hampton strip. Its quiet, there’s a bluff and you’re surrounded by nothing but the noise of the crashing waves. Truly relaxing after a hot week.

Waves Crashing

Waves Crashing

I wish I went down to the bluffs bottom to really snap these rocks. The tide was quite high in itself. But the allure of pristine water gliding over the rocks is surreal.

Hopefully I can devote more time to long exposures as I really have a great time shooting them. I hope you enjoyed these few snaps.


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