Maine: America’s Vacation Land

I haven’t been able to post anything new as of late because June has proven itself to be an even busier than of my last previous months. All I had to look forward too was a week away from the rat race, a week in which I am sad to say I am back from.

The moment you leave for vacation you are filled with joy, excitement, adventure and enthusiasm. All of which I felt while riding to my rental lake house in West Newfield, MAINE last Friday. I had not the chance to spend it with great people, eat like a king and sunbathe pretty much every day, but it was a chance to sleep in, wake up at noon, eat and have the choice of doing nothing and doing nothing.

People forget that vacation doesn’t have to mean you have to do something every minute of the stay away, but that relaxing in bed with the AC on blast and the covers over your toes works just as fine for me.

But then if you’re like me then by mid-week you will hit a slump. This slump I like to call the ‘Want to get back to work’ slump. Yes, even on vacation of which I have had dreams for months about, I wish to return back to a normality of my schedule regardless of how busy it is.

When you’re back though – the minute I step into my own home, lay in my own bed, the only emotion is that I want to escape again! It’s a tough battle to fight, 6 months of working for one week of vacation. How can anyone do it? Work so much for so little time in return for oneself. I guess when you live in this day and age there is very little choice. So to combat it you make the best of it, with whoever is around you and wherever you may be.

Making the best of it is what I did.

Here are some shots over my vacation, they all seem to sum it up on their very own:

Bon FIres

Throughout our stay every night we try to light a bond fire. It facilitated a need and a want to get around some commonplace of warmth, light and made all the pyromaniacs happy.

We also took on the littlest member of the group – Maylan Kesor


Last Minute Touch Up

All Dolled

Feeding Time

Not Done with the Bottle

Play Pen

Up On Top

Outdoorsy Baby

Lets say she trooped out on her first real vacation since the womb. She ended up becoming my fixated subject for quite a while as you can see.

But a getaway is only as good as the people whom come along. The friends that were on this trip are varied in lifestyles, interests and direction but its wonderful when everyone can get together and just get away.

Birthday Girl

Birthday Face

We always manage to take a vacation around Linda’s birthday which adds to the specialness of whenever we do get away.

Summer's Fleeting Grin

Water Dive for Hot Days

Dock Sunbathing

Life Guard on Deck

Look Out!

Going Native

Rollicking About

Without a Paddle

Beach Bod

Life - It's Fleeting

Old Orchard, Maine has become one of my favorite places. I love the beaches but I love this one the most. It has all the charms you can want, old boardwalk, amusement park by the oceans, ice cream shops, arcade, gift stores, basically it has it all and it has its charm intact despite the endless tourists, myself included.

Bread Will Never Be the Same

Pick One

Stout to my Heart

Portland Does Pizza Right


Good food and drinks should always be on the menu and it was in no short supply while I was away. Ate like a king, drank like a god. Binging is something I normally don’t do but when I am on vacation all bets are off.

This last photo sums it up quite well – all that really is left over is a crumb filled fork and a plate full of crust.

Before I Die

Old World Charm

This is why I LOVE MAINE. Images like this needs no explanation. Even for a city slicker like myself whenever I see people slow things down, have a meal, enjoy a view and each others company than nothing else can beat it. I will always come back to America’s Vacation Land for a reason.


One response to “Maine: America’s Vacation Land

  1. Awe, my baby!
    I enjoyed the vacation especially a night of games and drinks. Remember catchphrase and taboo? Haha. We should always enjoy a night of board games and drinks with friends. It is a must and much needed.

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