Devil is in the Details – Body Art

My friend painfully grabs my arm and yanks it. I motion to move away and whither and writhe in sharp pains shooting up my arm. I had to remind him that I’m still recovering from yet another session at the tattoo parlor.

It’s been since the middle of November that I started on this piece and about 17.5 hours of work has been done. Why go through all those needles, blood smears and dragging back and forth the tattoo gun upon my skin? Because this tattoo has meaning to the skin that it adorns.

I have had years to think about this piece and have been conjuring it up in my mind ever since. In essence it is Buddha sitting in a lotus whilst in meditation. It’s an homage to my culture as well as a symbol of personal triumphs.

Buddha is holding both a white and red lotus while sitting in a blue lotus. The white lotus is for: purity, beauty, infinite compassion and spiritual perfection, something I strive to achieve. Blue lotus stands for: victory of the spirit over the senses, intelligence and wisdom, of knowledge, reminding me in life that you will continuously be learning. The red lotus symbolizes: matters relating to the heart, love and compassion, things I feel the world lacks of in its present state.

After all the sit downs and hours put in I can say that it is almost, ALMOST, finished. The results of this session has really cemented my love for this piece. Its truly an original and I love that.



Blank Canvas


Sharpie Ink Transfer


After the First Session

The outline I think was the most painful thing I have ever sat through. It was my biggest piece to date and to get it done all at once, outline, I should have braced myself. My arm literally was on fire.


2nd Session – Start of Shading


Pain Threshold Reached

Does it seem to get worse and worse? The pain that is and boy did it! Shading was another monster in general. I sat there with a grin all the while screaming inside my head.


Buddha Face

My next sit down I was ready for it. But to be honest the pain was familiar now. Vinny did extensive shading on my Buddha’s face which came out perfectly. More exquisite than what he had drawn on paper.

From this session to my next there was a long discrepancy as I had started my new job and created such a conflicting schedule. I had to reschedule twice and  prolonged it but eventually I was back in the seat.


Going for the Finder Details



It was all tied in together now and I couldn’t be happier. What was left is a touch up due in a few weeks.

As the time dwindled down I got more and more excited about the piece. People would ask continuously about it and would admire and gawk at it. But for those who love there are those who disliked. I didn’t get this for them, nor has it ever on their skin. For the down lookers, look down pass it.

But I do wish Vinny said that  touch up was basically getting everything tattooed again. Because that was what it was.


Touch Up Hurts as Much


I Love the Face


When It’s All Said & Done

Sadly he didn’t get to touch up everything he wanted too that day, and his tone showed it. I love when artists are the most critical of their works, it shows they care about their end product and this was no different. I have another sit in to be determined at some future date but with what I have inked deep into my skin, I love.

Until the next installment it has been a trip to say the least!


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