Bits & Pieces

After a few strenuous months of not riding, no races to watch, lurking multiple forums for parts, spending countless amounts of money and labor hours: the time to ride has come!

Was it worth all the hassle of my off season to spend such devotion to a sport that can kill me?


I couldn’t imagine a better way to spend my hard earned money, time and love for than motorcycles. Being more devoted to getting faster this upcoming season meant I had to prep not only my steed but myself as well. Hard work on both spectrum will hopefully pay dividends soon.

Here she is being trailered back and forth, wrenched inside and out, every nook and cranny cleaned and many hours spent upon:




I will have a full detailed list of things she is wearing for the season, some more upgrades down the road and images of her in all her glory.

It feels great to finally ride again!


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