Elbow Grease

Finally had some time to get around and installing the parts over a few days.

Everything went smoothy, with some help, but there are still some more pain in the ass installs before she can be ridden for spring. In between the last post and this I have pulled the trigger on some Ohlins suspension bits. Acceleration and braking is nothing without suspension so I opted for a set of 30mm front fork cartridge kits and their new TTX MK2 rear shock. Definitely worth it when I got both new at a steep discount πŸ™‚

A pain, really, was installing the quick shifter as Bazzaz made it so you need to get to the ignition coils which sat on top of the engine. This didn’t seen so bad until you realize how cramp the working space of a motorcycle engine bay can be. Needless to say these were muscled on and all the plugs and wires connected!

Bazzaz QS4 USB Quick Shifter

Bazzaz QS4 USB Quick Shifter

Push Type GP Style

Push Type GP Style

Forgot to mention I acquired my own set of stands finally. This makes it easier to work on my bike as well as letting me use the Woodcraft warmers I bought. More on that later.

New T-Rex Stands Holding Everything Up

New T-Rex Stands Holding Everything Up

The race covers were pretty simple to install, but the fact was it was cold and the plastics weren’t malleable so I couldn’t install the left side cover. Actually, the receiving end snapped, which means it must be epoxied before getting put on again and preferably warmer as well. They just cover your stock covers to provide that extra oomph of protection, doesn’t hurt that it’s FIM Approved πŸ˜‰

Covers On

Covers On

It gives me that extra racer feel!

My old Vortex rearsets didn’t hold up so well, after enduring two low-sides, one can expect them to take their beating. So many parts were ruined on the right rearset that it was just wise to buy a new set and have the old as spares. I had silver ones on mine, but I always wanted to get black ones, so guess who lucked out?!

This GUY!

Too Much Going On

Too Much Going On

PUSHHHHHHHHHHH - That's What She Said

PUSHHHHHHHHHHH – That’s What She Said

Realy forgot to snap the right rearset but as you can see the Bazzaz QS if installed and is also black! No more needing to clutch on upshifts! Now if only I can find a long enough straightaway on the track, NJMSP? NYST? Decisions.

I called called up Sherman Yeung over at Shermoto Racing for a set of his fantastic, and affordable folding shorty levers. As you guessed it, my few offs has also rashed up my levers. A new set didn’t hurt, and folding ones should add tremendous survivability in the event of an off.

Left & Right

Right Clicky Rolly

Left Clicky Foldy

Left Clicky Foldy

Sad to say that’s all for now. While I wait on the Ohlins to come in and the install of some new NGK plugs this will have to do. Riding season is around the corner and needless to say there are still some plans in the making for this year.

_New Track Fairing
_New Paint Scheme
_New MC/Rotors

And a few more nick knacks.



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