Dozer’s Play Day

After recently getting my new lens in the mail I decided today was a good as any to put it to some use. My subject was Dozer and the activity: toss a basketball around and hopes he poses somewhat.
This gave me a good chance to test it outside in actual light, not to mention it was around sunset so it gave it that much more better lighting.

World – Meet the Pooch

Waiting for the Ball

Go Get It!!

Dog Days

Golden Hour Light

Lickty Split

Please Throw the Ball

To Be Outside

The lens was fantastic to shoot with I must say. Although running around with a dog trying to capture quick movements seem to be a problem. The autofocus took its sweet time to lock on, even in CH mode. With this being the only downside I do enjoy shooting with it. Its sharp at f/2 but you can really notice it at f/4.

It was a great excuse to be outside nonetheless. Enjoying the NE fall before its brutal winters hit!









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