Since it was my birthday last week I decided to pick up myself something nice for my Nikon D7000 and here it is:

Handle With Care: Glass

Of course they had to over stuff with peanut foam and bubble wrap.

Bubble Wrap Maki

Here she is:

Heavy Artillery


Hood’s Up

I found a good deal on Amazon for a Nikkor 85mm f/1.4D and I couldn’t resist! It came with front/rear cap and the metal lens hood along with the lens bag. I figured with getting into portrait photography I will need to invest in some good glass and viola!

I own a Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G but for that focal length distortion to the subject’s face is likely so it wasn’t ideal, I love using it for street photography though, as the 85mm focal length. With not much to shoot around my house I decided to at least compare the 35 1.8 against the 85 1.4 in a bokeh, creamy test. The subject was my scale model Jorge Lorenzo Fiat Yamaha YZF M1.

35mm f/1.8G

85mm f/1.4D

35mm f/1.8G

85mm f/1.4D

Just from these shots alone you can already tell the difference in their performance wide open. Although the 35 provides great bokeh, the 85 obviously creams out, literally and figuratively, the edges that are much more prominent with the 35. Everything with the 85 is smoother and creates a much more appeasing bokeh effect to the eye.

The 85 is a hefty lens. It has some weight to it which only can attribute to its build quality, which I find to be superb. You are getting what you paid for. Although the obnoxiously big metal hood leaves something to be desired in the looks category, its function is clear – protect that beautiful piece of glass. A metal mount never hurt either!

It’s fast to focus but its need of a decent focus distance is a downer at points. I shot in AF-A and it just kept swiveling to find something to focus on, which then you would have to move back until it locked on. But again this is an 85mm focal length.

I’m waiting until I can actually go out to shoot some people and really see what this lens is all about. I had a walk around my house and snapped a few more random pictures with the 85:

Coca-Cola Desktop

Asians Need Rice Cooker











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