Brush Yourself Off

Riding motorcycles is a dangerous hobby. For some its a dangerous profession. Nothing in life is without worries and fear factors but I think this is why I chose to ride motorcycles.

Crashing, inevitable as it is, just comes along with it. You can neither fear it or believe that it will never happen to you. For doing so, riding so, is a danger not only to you but to others around you.

Trackdays are a blessing in disguise. These events can not only help you hone your skills to be a better, safer and smarter ride but it provides a controlled environment so when a crash does happen it wouldn’t carry with it the extreme risks as would if it was done so on the streets.

I’ve had an off, the term used for crashing, on the streets a few years ago and it didn’t deter me the least when it came to riding. I actually wanted another bike right away. What did me in was crashing on the track. They say it’s a learning opportunity but for me it was the opposite. A little bit of fear set in, not that I crashed, but that I couldn’t figure out WHY. It has plagued me until even now. Too many variables to think of and too little time to tackle each one.

Here’s a video of when I was at Thunderbolt Raceway in New Jersey over the summer. Maybe watching these I can finally figure it out. Until then you just have to dust yourself off and try it again.


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