Destination: Vacation

I cant remember the last time I was more excited for summer to arrive than the one that had just passed. Honestly the joys of being in grade school and watching the minutes click away on the very last day of school only to the realization that summer vacation is at the end of the tick was very unbearable. But we all sat in those chairs and felt those incredible feelings of excitement, anxiousness and really just thrill that for the next three months we had nothing to do but to hang out, go play and just relax.

This summer I had felt this and much more. I am a connoisseur of many things and traveling is one of my favorite pass times. If you have been keeping up on my blog than you’d know I have spent a good portion of my summer doing nothing but traveling. I have gotten to see over half of this beautiful country that I live in as well as a great majority of the area in which I actually live.
Words never really do justice to actually being there as does pictures never really do justice to actually living it. But here is a glimpse into the summer of my 2012:

I am fortunate enough to travel as much as I did this summer and to all the places that I have gotten to go to. I would have uploaded more photos but as mentioned before I believe firmly in actually going and experiencing them for yourself.

Who knows where I will go to next, hopefully wherever that is it will be marked down as another adventure in my everyday.

May this inspire you to do some travels in your everyday.


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