Rushing Back

With Chicago in the books and only a few hundred miles that separated us from Niagara Falls let alone HOME – we were off for the final leg of our two week adventure.

Driving through America’s heartland wasn’t the best thing about this trip. It was flat, it smelled and there was nothing visually stimulating. Then again you must have such an appreciation for places like this because honestly it’s where all the hardworking, blue collared people of the country live.

The usual routine has been the same up to this point, leave after sunrise and arrive late after sunset, and again I did the majority of the driving to and from. This was no different as we drove through Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, PA and then finally to NY by which time was well past sunset. Driving into NY gave me a sense of almost being home, it was well deserved after being away for such a long period of time.

I was expecting a decent Friday night at the falls but boy was I wrong. Apparently on this particular Friday night a certain tight rope walker decided he must walk across Niagara Falls. Needless to say it ended up becoming a zoo and on my first visit there no less.


Stilts & Flames

Lack Enthusiasm

I love street performers as they must be enjoying their crafts to be putting on displays like that, but these ones lacked, what do you call it, any love for their craft. Enthusiasm, they all need it. Or some Redbull.

Traversing through the crowds I tend to notice the people. Events like this brings out all different colors, flavors, backgrounds and whatnot. I am talking about food for one, but the same goes for the people. It truly is a zoo of humanity you must navigate through.

First impressions are the best they say and Niagara left an immense mark.

The Buildup

The Crowd

Free Flowing

It was packed to say the least and for not bringing the tripod for the whole trip the quality of these photos suffered. But with all aside I had made due and snapped away at a few more that I can.

The Rush

Oh Canada

To Feel the Mist

Lovers on Moonlight Bay

I like scenic views and this was extraordinary. My friends all know my affinity for being by a body of water, hanging out with good people and just chatting the night away, this would have been perfect, the epitome for me, but it was so jam packed that it made it unbearable. After a few glances, a look around, an elbow being shoved into a rib, we went to the gift shop and saddled up some greenbacks for exchange of goods and were off.

The plan was to stay the night, we were 9 hours from home, but as plans go they always go out the window. My compatriot offered to drive us home considering we were decent in distance, as compared to the rest of our trip. My only gripe was late night driving is unsafe when everyone is tired. But also considering I drove the whole day, they must be refreshed. With a risk and a gamble we set for home.

Home: something I actually missed.

Everyone has their first image sighting of when they would be home. That building on the street close to your house, the exit number counting down until you finally take yours, or the fire hydrant painted like a Dalmatian (yes we do have one of those here) but whatever it is, when you see it you know you’re home.

This for me is when I know I am almost home;

Almost There










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