High Noon in the Desert Sun

After waking up to a brutally cold morning and unspeakable sleeping positions the brisk air was a welcome. Being up so high meant pure AIR. The stuff that’s so good it gets you light headed. No pollution.

With new fresh air filling up our nostrils we packed up, cleaned our campsite and headed off down the mountainside and onwards into the day towards Moab, Utah. This next site is Arches National Park, somewhat of a national park theme we have going on, and the splendors it will provide. Since we were down to a three-man team the driving was longer, the cost a little more but the wait will surely be worth it.

The only place I have ever seen Arches were pictures in one of my geology courses during my stay in college and I always wondered where it was, but now here’s a chance and opportunity to explore!

A little background:

Arches National Park

Sheer Rock

Immense My Lens Couldn’t Handle

Desolate West

The drive up to the park was shorter than the one for Yosemite but the sheer HEAT of the desert was more than I can bare. We got to this spot around noon time, when the sun was at its highest and be assured I felt every bit of that beaming heat.

What really makes this national park famous is both the North & South arches. At some vantage points you can see BOTH arches, one in front of the other, and it makes for a great sight as well as a great photo opportunity.

Arches At Arches

North Arch

Tiny Spec Amongst the Rubble

In the cracks you see above there are actual ROCKS in the crevices. As I passed through it and took a seat for the next shot I wondered if, EVER, will these rocks fall out and hopefully no one is beneath them. It does add for a dramatic effects though.

Sitting In

On the Otherside

There were trails around the North Arch but again it was way too hot to be blazing any trails on this day.

South Arch

When I got to the South Arch I was wondering why there had been stacks of rocks, well stacked upon each other. I was informed that hikers, once passed these rocks, would stack one on top of the others that have been stacked previously by other hikers. Does that make sense? After the lesson I too stacked my own rock:

JPhan Touch

Knocking A Few Over


Hiding in the shade was wonderful but after a while I wanted to see if I can get both the arches in a shot. The next shot is the closes thing I could get:

North & South Together

Behind me laid this:

Worth the Walk

Shadow Lands

We saw some other person climb the arches so we thought we had a go at it as well.

Rock Climbing

Only to realize how hard and how much of a failed attempt we had accomplished. With the arches out of the way we made headwind into the rest of the park.

Supposedly when the evening light hit these rocks in the perfect way they would glow a magnificent color. Sadly we were there during the day and weren’t spending the night.

Heat Stacks

Short Trails

Hot Fire

Bulging Rock

Sand Dunes

Millennials of Erosion

Just because this is the desert doesn’t mean there aren’t some wildlife. Here is a snake and I think mole that I encountered. Both trying to escape the day’s heat.


Merecat Manor

We hiked for a bit to get into camera range of the Delicate Arch. It was way off in the distance as there was another trail, 3.XX miles I believe, but I deemed that one too far and too long to reach. But this from afar was still gorgeous nonetheless.

Delicate Arch

If only there was more time. But don’t we all wish that?

Taking Pointers from the Mole

Man Made Arches

I enjoyed my visit here greatly. It was nice to actually see these in person rather than through a text book, I must have made my geology professor very proud here. As with most things I have seen on this trip you can only truly experience this if you went there. The sights and the grandeur of it all can only be felt with your hands, ears, nose and eyes.

Its beautiful to say the least and I reckon you make a trip and blaze the trails . I know I am planning too.


























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