Camping Done Right – Yosemite National Park

It took us about a week from departure of my house until we got to San Francisco and after a few days of being on the Golden Coast it was eventually time to make the trek back home.

Up until now we have been staying at a lot of motels and friends places, which I cant complain seeing how it saved money when it did, but we brought camping gear for a reason! We also bought a National Parks Pass – giving access to all the National Parks the U.S. had to offer. With this in mind, and being in California, we had to spend a night at Yosemite National Park, and spend a night we did!

The park is huge and I mean HUGE! Just to get there it took an hour and a half to two hours, off the main roads! After getting to the entrance of the park it was another hour just to get to the campsite! The roads were narrow and harrowing as we traversed a mountain side climb to an apex of 10,000+ feet up.


Tetany Lake

Awe Inspiring

Being so high up offered such amazing views.

Emerald Green Waters

Snow In June

High As A Kite

Steep Cliff Sides

With some sight seeing out of the way we headed off into the deeper portions of the park to find our campsite. The roads to the site was worse than their main roads, often times making me nervous just taking her around the next bend.

Alas we made it and it didn’t hurt that it was situated next to a little meadow.

Little Meadow Creek


It’s Up!

After setting up the campsite we had a tumultuous amount of time to kill and since being in the great wilderness why not do a little hiking?!

Dam Foot Bridge – Literally

Balance – He Needs Some

I was way ahead with my group and carrying my camera gear while they lagged behind. I guess all that training for Tough Mudder had paid off!


Can He Make It?!

Almost There!

After quite a bit of a hike we finally made it to a small portion of the summit. This is what awaited.

Such A Beautiful Scene

Pine Needles Y Cone

Off In The Distance

Tree Line

Blue Skies

We’re A Bunch of Clowns

Since we were so high up we figured a little screaming should be fun. I didn’t expect it to echo as LOUD AS IT DID.

A little more looking around I realized the sun was setting and it was time indeed to head back down and enjoy the camp we have made for ourselves.

I Like Fires

‘YO YO YO’ Red Eyes

No camping is complete without some cigars.

Swisher Sweets For You

Relax To The Max

Tree Tops

No ice? No problem, just dump the beer into the creek and let it sit for a while!

Nature’s Refridgerator

Muddy Sock Meets Its Demise

Sausage On A Stick

Of course being out here there’s no microwave so we had to use the fire to cook. We bought a skillet and they had a grill set up, but I got to my ingenious work and used a tree stump as my cooking surface.


Scarfing down our meals and a few beers later it was upon us, darkness that is. What better things to do while camping then just bonding, drinking, bonding, drinking and telling ghost stories?

I have to say Asians have the worse ghost stories ever. Anytime the setting is just right to be scared shitless, I am the one being scared shitless. My hair on my neck stands up, goosebumps form on my arms and I just don’t want to move. I hate it and love it at the same time.

Lone Source of Light

Everyone Had Their Own Light!

That Face


You don’t want to cross these group of guys in a dark alley!




You Know You’re Scared

With a few drinks in us and tiredness creeping in, more like myself being scared out of my wits, it was time to put out the fire and call it an evening.

Put It Out

Food for thought; when camping bring ample sleeping gear. I slept in shorts and a sweater with a less than suitable blanket. Thin as can be. Needless to say that being 10,000+ feet up it gets cold at night. It hit probably around 40 degrees outside. So cold in fact I awoke an hour later to shivers and decided it was best to sleep in the car instead, as did my two companions.

The next morning was wretched. Horrible sleeping positions in less than ideal arrangements made for grumpy mornings. We packed up, cleaned the site and pushed on forward out of the park. Which was another 2 hour drive. This thing doesn’t seem to end.

For what I did see I can tell you it was beautiful to say the least and this was only a small portion. It was undisturbed by man in many different ways and retained the beauty and essence of the wilderness. I am glad we stopped here and I say you should too. Bust out the camping gear, set up your rocking chair, inflate your air mattress and hunker down on the ground. You will enjoy it!

































One response to “Camping Done Right – Yosemite National Park

  1. Wow, the park is beyond impressive. Your pictures tell quite a story. You all fit in A LOT on this trip!
    PS: You did Tough Mudder??!! Cool!

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