Family Love <3

You never really appreciate the time you spend with people you care about until the moment you realize they aren’t there anymore. Family is a big deal to a lot of people I know, myself included, so when parts of my family moves away, no longer see eye to eye or simply refrain from social interactions with one another it’s a sad time.

My sister who pretty much helped raised myself and a few members of my family of whom are younger moved out west a few years back, California to be exact and at about an 8 year time span. Needless to say I haven’t seen nor spoken to her as much as I would have liked too.
My trip to California was to enjoy the summer sun and ocean breeze but it was also a chance to see my sister and catch up. Truly it was a great few nights of just seeing her, her family and of course nieces and nephews.

My Sister and I – Phan Clan

Oh The Similarities

Disregard the age gap and the fact we have different mothers we have a lot in common. Growing up in a big family wasn’t easy and having a lot of different viewpoints didn’t make for a cake walk of a childhood either.

We all fought like brothers and sisters would fight and we loved like they would too. It took a while for myself to mature but by the time she and I had talk she had told me how much I’ve grown up. From a perspective of a family member this meant a lot more than anyone else can imagine. I am glad that I now know why they treated me as such growing up, it was all with the best intentions.
Aside from the sap story a chance of families getting together is to eat GOOD FOOD! For this occasion my sister asked me what I wanted and all I wanted was salted fried crabs – VIETNAMESE FAVORITE!

NOMNOMNOM – You Haven’t Lived Until You Try These

This & Heinekens Make Any Asian Person Happy

We Eat On The Floor!

Her cooking is great and it reminds me of the motherland so much. Can’t complain with good company and good food.

I also got a chance to catch up on my nieces and nephews as well.

They Grow Up So Fast

Cheesing Like Only They Could

Little Rugrats

What A Cutie

He’s Taller Than Me!

Of Course A Jokester Amongst Us

Ladies Eat Your Heart Out

They grow up fast is an UNDERSTATEMENT. When time passes you pretty much are left to yourself and nothing seems to change around you. Take away people you care about for that same period of time and reintroduce them years later down the road and you will have a shock you won’t be prepared for.

It’s great to see family and it’s better when you can enjoy their company over a meal and just talk about the olden days and the new ones that are about to unravel. My time with them this time was short but it was still that much sweeter.

The more years you let float by without making a notion or attempt to keep people close to you the more you lose out on things that are wonderful and beautiful.

Take every chance to see, hold, touch, hug, speak and embrace the people you care about before it becomes far and inbetween.

Phan Clan


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