Live from the Golden Coast Part 2

With day one in the bag we headed back and the evening vastly approaching us we just spent some down time watching a flick and calling it an early night. Rest and relaxation was a much needed remedy for the sleepless nights we have been having.

When we awoke we had to hash up a plan of attack for the day. The previous day we experience a majority of the tourism things San Fran had to offer but seeing the Golden Gate Bridge had still alluded us. That means this is what we were going to do first!

Oh and Californian traffic kind of blows when you sit in it for a while. Yep. That’s one thing I can live without. After a good bit of driving, some jokes along the way, a nice scenery buildup, we finally got to a good spot to view the bridge.

Strolling Through The Park

People were having picnics and out with their dogs really show that its about having a good time over here.


What better way to see a city then renting bicycles? It’s cheap, you don’t have to find parking for it, you get exercise and have a good time!

No Vroom Vroom Here

Use Your Hand Signals!

Riding Out Of Formation

Why Are You Over There?

After a short ride in and out of the park we arrived to the sight that I can only describe as pretty awesome.

From Afar

This Spot Has The Best View Bar None

It seemed that this harbor point was the turnaround place for most runners and bikers. There’s a sign on the fence there where people would touch, celebrate and then run back the other direction. I assumed this point was an accomplishment. I should have touched that sign.

San Fran

Fish Distortion

Gawkers Like Myself

What’s That There?

Someone’s Always In My Shot

Multitude of Two Wheel Action

Please Move!

Takes A Moment to Collect Yourself

After a bit of staying here we proceeded to continue biking along the park and beach walk to see what else it had to offer. I needed a snack as did everyone else so we pulled over to a local hot dog cart at the beginning of a delta.

Too Busy Texting To Eat


It was quite good. Good enough to do this to your face:




Ninja Over Here

There were a few people on this delta as some were fishing and others were just strolling but I happened to run across this little kid whom was just enjoying the same sights I was.

Taking It In

It seems that this park is bustling on a Saturday afternoon. People were out in celebration it seems and I can only catch them from the click of my camera as I rode by.

This Is Where The Fun Was

Some More Sandy Riding

Any Angle Is A Good Angle

Dog Lovers

Pit Stop Photo Op

You Can Rent These!


How Close Can I Get

Not Close At All

Position is Key

After a few rounds of riding these bicycles we felt like it was time to return them. It didn’t cost us much, about $10 a person and you get a great way to see the bay. Anytime I am on two wheels I will be happy.

I heard about San Fran’s Japantown and that they had these crepes that they made filled with whatever you wanted. Of course being fatties on this trip how can I deny?

Old World Class

Where Do We Go?

The Smell Was Unbelievable

They said no photos, but who am I to listen?

Making My Crepes!

Being newbies everywhere we went on this trip it was hard to order since I didn’t know what was good. ‘What’s good on your menu’ seemed to be my phrase.

Menu On Chalks

She Cant Wait For Em

Lucky To Get His First

Hold Mines!

Mandarin Oranges Nutella and Whipped Cream – Yum

These were so delicious and it fills you up pretty good. Ah man we must have this on the East Coast.

Japantown serves as a connection between old and new. It has a lot of stores that really caters to the youth of today. Many anime stores selling books to clothes to little toys all the way to car fanatic having a little corner to themselves. Of course and abundant amount of places to eat as well.

Kingdom Hearts Key Chain

Happy As Can Be

Couldn’t Find What He’s Looking For

She Did!

Deceptive Eyes


More Motorcycles!!

That Pose

Outrageous Stand

Aisle Upon Aisle of Manga

Manga Shopping

Pick Your Poison

You’d be quite surprise if I said I am hungry again, but alas I am. Ramen with egg anyone?

Planning Where to Eat

Fake Food Looks Good

Dinner Time

Cant Have Ramen Without Beer

After another filling dinner, my weight has probably gone up since this trip and today alone, we drove around as evening was setting in.

Being in San Fran means one other thing, trying to find the Full House ‘house.’ Yes we are those people and yes we tried so hard to find the house before the sun sets. Mission was kind of a fail since we couldn’t find the house but we found the park where they had the picnic scene and this is what I got out of it:

What A Sunset

An ending like this after a great two days cant leave me complaining for much more. California, I love ya, San Francisco, I left my heart there for ya.

What more can I say? The living atmosphere out there is second to none that I have ever experienced. People are nice, genuinely nice, and the weather, don’t even get me started. Who doesn’t want to wake up to a cool 65 degree morning and have that linger all day along with an ocean breeze? I certainly don’t get that over here. You can find such a diverse group of people here as well, and it all melts, it really does.

After this visit California has gone up to my top list. I thought I never see the day I would say I want to leave the east coast from my beloved Boston and venture off elsewhere. Well that day of reckoning has come. I’ll see ya soon.


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