Live from the Golden Coast Part 1

After a brief, and when I say brief I mean brief, stint in Las Veagas – not worth to mention, we drove onwards in the night until we reached the west coast.


It took us about one week from the day we left for the trip until we made footprints in the Californian sand. I am more excited about this than the rest of the guys because it is my first trip out west! Living here in this country gives you opportunities to travel yet I always find myself never being able to come out to this side of the country. Now that’s a different story.

We will be staying at a friend of a friend’s house about 30 minutes outside of the city, not too bad I say, and spend two days there. Arrival was harsh as we got there at 8:30 in the morning! Drove almost 24 hours. Needless to say exhaustion has set itself in.

Once we got settled and introduced ourselves to our gracious host I proceeded to just KNOCK RIGHT OUT! A little nap is what the doctor ordered. A few hours later I was off to be a tourist in yet another big city!

We drove over this bridge once we passed by Oakland. The whole time I thought it was the Golden Gate, and when I found out it wasn’t I immediately wanted answers to where it was!

Oakland Bay Bridge

I handed over my camera to my friend and set it up for him. Although with a camera already set up it doesn’t mean grand pictures can be taken from a moving car. A for effort though.

Skyline – Somewhat

California & Bikes Go Hand in Hand

We stopped in Chinatown first to grab some lunch as it was already pass lunchtime. I always hear things about this Chinatown, as probably because its the biggest one I can think of. Makes the one in Boston look TINY!

Yelpers Help

This kind old man saw us on our cell phones and asked us what we were looking for. Apparently looking like tourists was my forte. We told him we wanted lunch, specifically noodles, and away he led us. People out here are seriously nicer than on the east coast.

Old People Always Are Nice

Walk With Me Talk With Me

As we walked I got to take in a little bit of the scenery that is San Fran Chinatown.

Colorful Buildings

Calligraphy Is Always Beautiful

Hop Sing Tong – Watch Gangland

The old man led us to a small street and took us downstairs to where it seemed the workers were on lunch break. Sorry to disturb you but I am hungry!

The Eye

Chinese Menu I Cannot Read

I own a noodle shop back home and you’d think I’d be sick of eating it, I do but from time to time, and on this occasion I needed some noodle in my blood.

Duck + Egg Noodles + Wonton = Satisfaction

Last To Get Food!

With bellies full and a few beers later it was a wrap. The day is young they say and I wanted to check out what San Francisco is famously known for, other than the GGB, STEEP STREETS!

Lucy, our host, gladly took us around to see what San Fran is made of and this was the first on my list. She warned me about how steep it is, I did not listen.

Anticipation BUILDUP

Brakes Don’t Fail Me Now!!!!

Hold Your Breathe

Making Stomachs Turn Since Forever

I thought we were on a ride – a sheer drop of a ride – and I was literally shitting bricks in my pants. I prayed my brakes didn’t let out, as only bad things can possibly happen if they did. It was a wild ride and I never thought I’d say that driving a car down a hill.

Oh but wait!


That’s right! We also went UP!


Going on was probably as bad as going down. It made me feel like I was going to fall out of my car seat and back into oblivion. It was a surreal sensation. Locals probably don’t even notice it at all anymore. I’m glad my car had enough power to move up this behemoth!

So with ups and downs out of the way it was time for some sideways action.

Hold On To Your Skivvies

It wouldn’t be a trip to San Fran without going down Lombard Street. You know the one everyone, including myself, wants to drive down!

I never knew that people actually live on this street, there were actual driveways to homes right off this street! Amazing. Got to suck for them with all the tourists though. Albeit they do have something nice to drive on when they pull out.

It Starts!

Make It!

What A Sight

Looking Up

Tourist Everywhere

San Francisco is also famous for its Pier 39. When I asked Lucy why so she just responded ‘That’s where all the sea lions hang out.’ Sea lions just hanging out? I MUST SEE THIS.

To get there we had to walk through something sort of like a boardwalk. It was filled with eateries, shops and things for people to do.


Packed To the Elbows

Don’t Get Lost

He Surely Is Bouncing

Through this maze of people and shops I finally made it to the sea lions.

Welcome To My Home!

Do Not Disturb

Pier 39 Is My Home!

Enjoying The Show

San Fran via Fisherman’s Wharf

Lucy And Her Asian Pose!

Around the corner from this is a view of the Pacific ocean – much like the Atlantic but so much more different. Oh yea there used to be a maximum security prison on an island out there. You might have heard of it – it’s called ALCATRAZ.

Escape is Futile

Sinister Backdrop

With few successful if any escapes in its existence I can see the allure of Alcatraz.

A Few People Enjoying Themselves

Sun All Up In Her Face

Different Focal Points

Pay Per View

Couple’s Admiration

No Day Too Cold For Ice Cream


Kase Y Lucy

Being by the ocean really made for a windy day. But it was also 65 degrees out. Which I have to mention that I LOVE. Not too hot and not too cold, like the girl eating the bears porridge. Just right. Another thing I love about this city. But with wind makes for great kite flying, which seems to be a big thing on this side of the country.

Where Was This When I Was A Kid?

We walked down a main street which was like the boardwalk, but less crowded and less LOOK AT ME. It was also early June so flowers were blooming, and for me at least, they make better subjects than people. No back talk.

Flowers Make For Good Subjects

I Love Blur

But because I shot these my companions walked faster and left me behind. Panic did not ensue as I much prefer to take my time with things and do it slowly. I walked around and was able to snap some photos without the worry of holding up people.

I love street performers and this street wasn’t short of it that’s for sure. Before we got onto this street Lucy told me about the ‘Bush.’ When I asked her what she meant she told me a performer who poses as a bush, literally a bush, and preys on unsuspecting victims. Once target acquire he just jumps up and out and freaks them out. Sadly he was not there and what’s more sad was her story of how she got scared the first time by the bush who posed in the middle of the street. Anything off here?

The Silver Men


Dalmatians and Shades What’s Not To Love

Getting Ready To Pose


Gold Man Sachs – Get It?

Mind Fuck – Two Guys?

Blown – It’s One Person Show

Street art is another favorite thing of mines. After seeing some of these I bought a few, they got me.

Airbrush Artist

Joker ❤

We finished this street and ended up on the beach front where the ocean is vast and seagulls are abundant. It was a great first day and we got a lot of the tourist thing out of the way. I won’t lie though that I do enjoy those tourist things. Great way to see a city. But day 1 is done.

Caw Caw!!!



2 responses to “Live from the Golden Coast Part 1

  1. San Francisco looks great. I’ll be there in 3 days! Hopefully I’ll get some good pictures too. You’ve given me good ideas of places to go.

    • You’ll love it out there in San Fran. the weather is perfect and the people are much more relaxing and laid back than over here. The food is good too! If you want to go to the GGB I suggest grabbing a bike rental and riding to Harbor Point!

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