Well I’ll Be Damned, Hoover

After leaving the Grand Canyon we made a pit stop in between there and Las Vegas at the Hoover Dam. Aside from being the filming stage of the first Transformers movie (nerd moment) it was also a great achievement by man in during the times of the Great Depression.

Many people lost their lives in hopes of making some wages to feed their families during the greatest of economic devastation the world has still yet to see. Appreciation for it can only come in small batches when you stare off into the grandeur of this modern marvel.

Up & Down

Almost There!

Dam Road – Literally

There was a small police checkpoint as we drove in. Apparently they just don’t let just anyone enter. For good reasons seeing how much water it holds back.

Back It Up

Bridge We Cross

I’m deathly afraid of heights. Don’t judge me. But this view, just looking down had my heart beating a little bit faster.

It’s Like A Giant Slide

Don’t Want To Fall

Sun Hitting It Just Right

Depth Perception

Heed The Warning

Water Water Water Everywhere

Mean Face

Syonara Hoover Dam!

Pit stops should be quick and enjoyable. Life sometime isn’t like that, but this was. I got to see something grand and not waste a lot of time mingling around. Get in. Get out. Get on with your life.

But make sure to enjoy the bits in between



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