The Inbetween – Grand Canyon

Another day another long drive. This time we were heading from NM to AZ and I must say the more fun part of the trip. First up was the long endless drive, but this time I had Liz drive, giving both Kase and myself some rest, needless to say we needed it.

It was scenic as usual, passing through many canyons and pitfalls. It was amazing to see so much color in the rocks, the sky and the horizon. Sitting in the passenger seat I got to relax and take it all in, sometimes getting lost as the background ends up in a vivid blur of colors.

Open Road

Taking It All In

Kick Back & Relax

Whenever I would drive I wouldn’t count down the minutes I have left but rather the miles I have traveled. It made driving much less of a chore and more of an accomplishment.

Partner In Crime

Zooming By

Not the real route 66 but close enough πŸ™‚

Route 66 (Gas Stations!)

One of the best things I got to see is driving through some of the canyons. Sure they have them here at home too but its nothing like out west.

I really wanted to get my hands on some Native American souvenirs and we finally stopped at a place for dinner that just happened to have a store next door!

Get Your Goods Here!

But as luck would have it, after our meal this place closed down! What rotten timing!

It was a straight drive from here onwards until we got to Flagstaff, AZ, our stopping ground for the night. As we were driving we also kept tabs on the NBA Eastern Conference Finals seeing how our Celtics were playing with the Miami Heats. Sad news travels in packs as we find out they had lost. It wasn’t a good evening that’s for sure.

With the driving out of the way we finally reached a Motel 6 in Flagstaff and bunker down for the night, relieving some stress tomorrow when we head to the GRAND CANYON!!!!!

This magnificent place has been on my list of places to go and see before I die for a while, so checking it off was a grand accomplishment for myself. We were about an hour away so we had to wake up early yet again and make the trek there.

We went on a tour about the people who once lived there in this great ancient ruin before we actually went to see the canyon itself.

Tour Starts Here

Please Do Not Touch Display

Puebloan People

Our tour guide was a very funny person. I never have been on a tour like this, national parks tour, so this was my first experience. She seemed to be well in depth with knowledge about the people, the region and had plenty of questions for the visitors (I thought we were suppose to ask the questions!). It seemed to my disbelief that the Grand Canyon was habitable in the past as people did live there, remnants remain. I left this part of the park with more knowledge than I thought I’d acquire.

The Tour Guide

‘They Told Me It Snows Here!’

Tentative Listeners

It’s A Crowd

‘No Wal-Mart No Nothing’

Summit In Way Yonder

We made our move now to the next spot, actually SEEING the canyon. On the way to the tour I got glimpse of it, but since I was driving it only filled me up with that much more of anticipation not being able to gaze to my left at the canyon.

Anticipation Builds!

All Along the Watch Tower

After a little bit of a walk from the parking lot to the site, passing by many different characters of people, I finally arrived!

The Power of Water



I find myself taking pictures of people other than my group posing. Like this couple here. If only they had my card I could have given this shot to them as well!


Beauty In The Cracks

Can’t Get Enough

Inside The Watchtower

Staring Off Into Vastness

CO River

She’s Afraid Of Reptiles


I can’t begin to express the scenery at this place. It was, well AMAZING to start. I have never seen anything like it and probably will not top this moment for a while. It’s beautiful. It’s deep. It’s vast. It was made by a small river over the course of millenniums into what it is today. You can’t imagine how deep the canyon walls are even when you are standing right in front of it. I kept thinking that it was a painting before me and not the real deal. I have to say YOU MUST COME HERE! At least once in your lifetime. I plan on coming back here with Kase within the year and hike from them southern tip to the northern trip and really explore it as it was meant to be explored.

This picture might not impress most of you but if you are an avid motorcycle fan than you can already spot what I have taken a photo of.


Yes! I saw this guy in the gift shop and recognized his shirt immediately. I looked at him, smiled and said ‘Hey man, NICE SHIRT!’ He probably thought I had a few screws loose but as I mentioned before, I am MOTORCYCLE DEPRIVED. Seeing this made me rejuvenated. I also wanted this shirt! Probably should have asked him where he got his from!

We grabbed a light lunch and then headed off into the sunset, well mid-afternoon sun anyways. Since we weren’t far away from our next stop, Las Vegas, we figured we can stop by Hoover Dam on the way! Woo today is going to be a long one, AZ -> NV -> CA in one day! We’re only a third of the way done now!

But before I left I noticed this kid outside the cafeteria.

Big Bells





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