Southern Cracklins & X-Files Aliens

One thing I have noticed about the south is that it’s hot. REAL HOT. It stays hot for a really long time too. I couldn’t stand walking outside for any stretch of time because it felt like walking through an oven that was turned on to max and let sit around for a few days. The humidity was another thing, it felt like an invisible wall through which your sweat will probably never evaporate. I appreciate the kind people that invented car a/c which mines was on for a great duration of the drive from LA to TX and eventually NM.

Hot Enough To Cook Eggs

While we stayed cool in the car it didn’t mean that stomachs would go unfilled as we saw plentiful amounts of billboards along the highway advertising foods of the region. Every so often I would see one for cracklings and boudin, both of which I never had before but only one of which I actually heard of. So needless to say we made a pit stop and had at it for ourselves.

These are cracklings which is basically bits of the pig, almost entirely of the skin with a little bit of fat and meat deep fried. Think of pork rinds but on a whole other level of goodness. Each bite was crunchy as it never got soggy and filled your mouth with a pig taste even I have never before experienced. At only about 5$ for half a pound it lasted the whole drive.

Sizzling & Crackling!

Bag Of Deliciousness

I couldn’t take any pictures of the boudin as I ate it all before realizing it. Essentially it’s food wrapped in sausage casing. Dirty rice and pork that was smoked to perfection. The casing kept it moist while the pork and rice was seasoned and balanced. Truly a meal in itself but accompanied nicely with my cracklings. Ohh how I long for these two again.

What’s Texas without BBQ you say? Well I wouldn’t know! But all I did know was we needed some BBQ before we left this state. On our way out we stopped by Rudy’s. Apparently it is a BBQ in Texas and to much dismay it wasn’t as great as I thought it would be.

Old School Decoration

They sort of had a cafeteria styled dining room with pick nick tables set up inside and a line where you can order food as well as giant ice boxes filled with either beer or soda of your picking.


I had a pork sandwich with banana bread pudding. The sandwich was really salty to my taste. Salty meats are not my favorite. It was rather dry and not enjoyable. The pudding least made up for it. I have to go back and give the BBQ another shot, maybe find some place off the grid.

Another thing I experienced in TX was their 8 lanes of traffic! I thought 4 was plentiful and here I was driving on 8 lanes! It must sucked if your exit was upcoming and you didn’t know it. We missed ours a few times!

Pick A Lane Any Lane

Did I mention how they love their trucks down here?

Badass Cowboy

It was the first night we had to basically drive through all night. It was about 12 hours from Houston to Roswell, our next stop. It wouldn’t have sucked if we didn’t just drive 5 hours from New Orleans. Add that together and it was well over 17 hours with pit stops and wrong turns. Did I mention it sucked driving on little sleep, through bug infested states, on windy highways and oh yea time zone changes?! Yea! It was a doozy.

Eventually with enough energy drinks and coffee later we did make it to Roswell at about 6 am and checked ourselves into the nearest motel that would have us. Liz with her charm got us a suite at a motel for pennies on the dollar. Got to love bringing a girl along with you on such trips.

With a hop, skip and nap we awoke later at about noon to visit some alien museums, well really the only one they have in Roswell.

I’m Here!

Apparently Lowell, MA has been marked!

Mark Your Town

I am an avid fan of space and space exploration so aliens come naturally. I like their idea more than I like them as I made it known to my companions on this outing. I prefer we contact them than they contact us. But whichever comes first.

Alien Knowledge

Timeline Here

Can It Be?!

Man’s Communication Machine

Too Many Articles

Hat Belonging To First Responder

Beam Me Up Scottie!

As I peered through my camera to take a picture of these aliens I swore one of their heads moved. Needless to say this FREAKED ME OUT. The movement was subtle yet enough to make you take a double take and question if you saw it. I had to ask my friend to see if it was just me freaking out, or they really did move.

Real Deal

Local Art


Test Tube Babies

No Stadium Seating Here

Old Civilization


Did It Really Happen?

Sci-fi or real life? I am not sure what to think but I am certain there’s things the government keeps from us. My view is that if you are out there searching for the truth on alien matter you will probably only drive yourself insane in the end. What we need to know we will know and what we want to know, well that’s a different subject entirely. But then again no trip to Roswell be complete without souvenirs right?

Alien Bobbleheads

The Greenery

With souvenirs intact we were again off! Meeting a schedule and deadline of places to be, things to see and people to meet up is tough on a roadtrip, but by this time we got the hang of it pretty much. Next is things to do in the desert! Meaning Grand Canyon, Vegas and sunny CALIFORNIA!



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  1. Roswell! How cool. No great food to report at this stop, huh? This location is pretty unique πŸ™‚

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