Southern Hospitality

As I awoke to a cool chilled Arlington apt. with the windows opened and the birds chirping I felt pretty great, even after a massive night of drinking. Oh did I mention this is also 8 a.m. in the morning? Yea our mornings for the next two weeks consisted of early upon early wake up calls.

We gathered our things and thanked our gracious host for providing a bar none great stop in D.C. and headed on our way to the south. Anticipation and excitement ensued. Our next stop was a quaint city with whom my friend and fellow blogger lives, Charlotte, North Carolina. Oh you can follow her blog here; Les Vestiges De L’ame (

The drive there consisted of another 7 wonderful hours of being on the road. Do you see the pattern? Longer and longer hours being put in. But this doesnt deter you from seeing things whilst driving:

Like this chap here with his sidecar. I am a fan of all things motorcycles and sidecars has to be one of the coolest things to ever come by on two wheels. Although I wouldn’t ride in it! Have you ever seen the sidecar races on the Isle of Man TT?!

Sidecars Are AWESOME!

Oh since being on the road entailed that I will not be riding for two weeks, withdrawals soon hit me. I checked out every single bike on the road as we drove only dreaming of sitting upon the saddle.

I like seeing packs of riders whether be sportsbike, cruisers, dual sports or just touring. It’s fun seeing them all ride and have a good time. Like here I kind of figured it was a woman, maybe even Asian but the no gloves thing got me. It’s like having sex with no condom. Sure if feels great but when something happens – you wish you had the extra protection!

Gang Up

Don’t Smoke

Oh yea on any long rides you get those people that just pass right out without a care.

Like This Guy

Sleeping Beauty Over Here

After what seemed to be a lonesome drive for Kase and myself we finally hit the border:

North Cakalaka

And beyond this border look who I found

She’ll Probably Hate Me For This

The first few things I wanted to do while I am in the south is eat their food. One of my regulars at my restaurant told me to try ‘gator and squirrels. YEP! Squirrels. I am a man of many taste and my taste buds don’t discriminate so I was all for trying it.

She took us to a local restaurant where I had asked about the ‘gator meat first, knowing all too well that squirrels would even make them squirm. But to my dismay and disappointment the waitress told me they had a national shortage of ‘gator meat. Being in this south and they had a shortage?! BLASPHEMY!

I ended up getting some jambalaya pasta with craw fish. Also with a heaping helping of beer.

She Laughed At Me Wanting ‘Gator Meat

Dranks In Jam Jars

Really Large Beer

Decisions Decisions

My food came and I must say it looked DELICIOUS!


My first introduction to cajun food wasn’t a bad one at all! It has found a new place in my heart and stomach. I can’t wait to get more of it down south in Louisiana.

We did come to the city on a Sunday where my hostess informed me that it was pretty much a ghost town. Probably because everyone is at church since we were in the Bible Belt States. So there wasn’t much to do except peruse the city streets.


YUP. That Happened.

Bricks Books Stones

We did walk upon a commotion in the park. It seemed that it was Shakespeare. IN THE PARK. The actors were really into their parts. Although there wasn’t any costumes you still get as sense of being in the midst of the action, which I bet was the whole point. People on lawn chairs, nice sunny Sunday afternoon, beer in hand, Shakespeare at the other. What more could you ask for?

Shakespeare In The Park

Down In Front!

With not much else to do we all decided to catch a movie, keep it on the low-key for the day and rest up. An early night was had by all and the next day proved to be even more daunting.

When you leave a place you end up forgetting some things. You either lose them forever or you get them returned to you, by god’s hand if you can get them back to you. When we left my friend’s place she kept running out every so often before we departed because some of us had left something in her apt. It proves that when you’re on a trip like this you tend to lose a few things.

Our next stop was New Orleans, Louisiana. I really was anticipating this stop. I love what NO stands for and what culture is does have, but I also wanted to see how life is after Katrina, the hurricane, that hit it back in 2005. Images plastered all over the internet and t.v. made it so vivid the struggle that people in that part of the country went through that it was only fitting they rebuild. Rebuild they did.

Driving blows and I kind of figured that out by this point because I ended up driving from morning until night. 12 HOURS! Straight. No stopping for much other than gas and food. My ass was numb. Literally, it could have fallen off and I had not known it.

I passed by Atlanta on the way down there. I did wanted to stop and see a friend in GA but with the short time span we had to all make some sacrifices. It did look good on a drive through.


We passed through SC, GA, MS, and AL before we got to LA and it was about almost dusk which made for some good photos. Sucks for me that I am driving at this point in time!

Bayou Sunset

Over The Fishing Harbor

Open Road Over Ocean Bridge

We checked into a hotel and needed food quick! One of our friend’s friend recommended we tried some charbroiled oysters. The idea of my oysters cooked wasn’t pleasing to me but hey I was willing to give it a shot. The place was Drago’s in the French Quarter I believe. I tried yelping it before hand but I kept putting in Draco instead of Drago. A little Harry Potter moment. Although I have no pictures of this believe me it was SO BOMB! So bomb in fact that I had started slurping the butter sauce before I realized I was about to eat the shell! If you are in this region go to Drago’s and thank me later!

Stomach’s still growling I wanted real cajun food. I searched Yelp as it became a good tool in my arsenal of finding places to eat and stumbled on Cajun Mike’s. Its a dive bar so already it had me! We went there and it was dirty, small, dark and really empty. My kind of place!

The food was simple with a mix of gumbos, po’boy sandwiches and ‘gator meat. But no ‘gator meat was had, damn you shortage. I had the chicken gumbo and pork po’boy sandwich and my god that gumbo. I have had it before but never in the ‘motherland’ and it was amazing. GO TO CAJUN MIKES!! What else didn’t hurt was the bartender and how awesome she was. She made me a real Old Fashion and I thank her for such efforts.

Old Fashion

Oh what else didn’t hurt was the drink prices. Imported Premium Beer was $2.5!! Mix drinks of any kind you can think of didn’t run more than $6.5! Man this was the place to be!

I Pronounce Stella And Jameson

We racked up a $100 bill which apparently is hard to do there. That surprised me considering how much we all had to drink! I must revisit you soon.

I crashed after this knowing full well tomorrow afternoon is us driving to Houston, but before then BOURBON STREET!

Mardi Gras Anyone?

I never knew how many gentleman’s club there was on this street alone.



Another One Bites The Dust

When walking this street you see people with drinks in their hands, like its nothing. Up north police would give you so much trouble for it but down here it’s almost like expected. Did I mention this was at 11 in the morning? 5 p.m. somewhere right?!

Frozen Alcohol Smoothies?!

This is what’s on tap down south.

What’s On Tap?

Pick Your Poison

I bought this for the novelty of it. I didn’t realize how much it actually was, or how it was made with 151. Oh to add to it I had the choice of a free shot when I bought this. I kind of had to decline. It was too early for me!

Take It Easy In The Big Easy

Death Sentence

Taking In The Sights

A plus factor is that there were many souvenir shops around.

Guess What They Sell

VooDoo Friends

No Meat On Ya Bones

No Skull Rings?

Can’t Escape

Burn Ya Ass Hot Sauce

I ran into canned ‘gator meat and was surprised. Although I wanted the real deal, not canned, I passed on these bad boys. Still kind of cool though.

Canned ‘Gator Meat!

Taste Like Gator

They Don’t Stop

Before we left the Big Easy I did end up getting a few souvenirs for myself. Since I couldn’t get ‘gator meat I bought a real ‘gator head. As I am posting this it’s behind my head on my mantle. High enough where my dog don’t want to eat it!


Before heading out Kase wanted to snag a cigar and what better place to do it at then where all the celebs went?

Love The Smell

We drove by one of the more run downed neighborhoods hit bad by Katrina and it puts into perspective of what you have and how you don’t appreciate it. This sight and this trip pretty much made me realize the good things in life.


N.O. Superdome

As I left LA I was really content with my stay. It’s a small city in size compared to what I am used too but I really enjoyed my stay. Food was great, drinks was great and the people were awesome! I couldn’t complain, well maybe about the heat. IT WAS SO HOT!

From here we drove to Houston – check back in then!


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