House of Washington

I watch the news daily while I am working at my restaurant for many reasons – staying up to date on current events, listen to potential new policies and laws and see what the government is basically up too. Images of the State House, Lincoln Memorial and the White House bombard me everyday so of course the first stop on my road trip was to see the place where all of our daily lives are affected – Washington, D.C.

The drive from Dracut -> was long, real long. 9 hours long. But lo-behold I would be mistaken later on in this trip (I will explain as these posts progress.) And we’re off!

Away We Go!

My Compatriots

Night Time Blurs

One of my major gripes on the start of the trip was the amount of toll booths we had to drive through. They seemed to be endless!

Toll Booths

Boredom Hurts

After what seemed like forever driving through a monsoon we finally reached our destination for the night in Arlington, VA. I was so relieved. But I got a great glimpse of what was about to come!

Sneak Peek

Elizabeth’s friend King (really now) was gracious enough to let us crash at his place during our stay in D.C.

Meet King – No Really

Moseying Along

3 A.M. Bedtime

I have been waiting a long time to be able to come to this little 10X10 mile radius where things happen. Of course its not only a political visit but a cultural one as well.

We first stopped at Capitol Hill. Aside from looking like a majestic building on the outside it boasts both the Senate and H.O.R. within its interior.

Capitol Hill

Candid Posing

Reflection Pool – ‘Liz

That Group Photo

From the last picture looking onwards you get to be able to see the Washington Monument from afar.

Exerting Dominance

It was a ways way away no less, but the beauty of the buildings are that they are pretty much lined up in a straight shot of walking. Keep on walking straight and you will eventually hit upon something.

Washington Monument

Small In Stature

We couldn’t walk directly up to it because last year there was an earthquake that hit D.C. and the monument was damaged in the process. When we came they were still in the midst of fixing such a beautiful artwork. Always next time to lay a hand on it.

The White House can only be toured if you called your local representatives or congressmen to set up a touring date, which none of us did, so all we had was the tourist spot to view the White House, behind the gates.

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

One of my favorite monuments other than the White House has to be the Lincoln Memorial. I have seen countless pictures of it as I grew up and it made me want to see it even more when I was there. Not only do I hold Abe as one of the greatest presidents to ever live but he was a man who stood up against his own faction to declare what is morally wrong. That took balls.

From Afar

Getting Warmer

Big Chair

Quite Happy

Bask In The Glory

Sitting High

Gettysburg Address

That Group Photo

I admire this man for his personality and willingness to stand up for what is right, something I feel the world today lacks very much. It was great to be in the presence, albeit a replicated, over sized statue of such a great man but it was amazing nonetheless. Honest Abe stood for something – what have you stood for?

We couldn’t make it to the last monument we wanted to visit decidedly because of hungry bellies but here is a shot of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial from afar.

Jefferson From A Distance

As I mentioned before this visit wasn’t all political – we were also able to visit the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum as well as the Botanical Garden (both FREE I might add, so take advantage of it if you ever go!)

Did I ever mention how big of a nerd I am for airplanes/battle planes/space air crafts? YEA I AM A BIG TIME NERD!

Display Aeroplanes

Naval Planes

Cross Air – Old School Aiming

You don’t want to be on the receiving end of this;

Gatling Barrels

Showing Ranks

Ready For Take Off

Americans & Russians

One Small Step For Man – One Gian Step For Mankind

Scale Model

‘Son this turbocharger is bigger than my head’

Inside Discovery

For Shits & Giggles

The Botanical Garden provides for the perfect place to stop and smell the roses of every region in the U.S.

Welcome Signs

We did encounter some people outside the garden trying to take pictures. Well Look onwards.

Yea – That’s An iPad She Using For A Photo


Fountains Fountains

Little Tropical Oasis

Palm Trees In D.C.

Smell The Flowers

Is There A Cabana In Here??

Lost In The Jungle

Desert Cacti

Beauty Amongst Death

Trickling Trickle

Giving Birth To A Billy

Get In Close!

There are countless other museums in the immediate D.C. that tourists and locals alike can check out. As before most if not all of these are free to the public. It’s a great time to either kill some time, get educated or really enjoy it for what it’s worth – either way you cannot go wrong.

A also was able to snap some photos of other monuments along our walks. Some were named and others I just didn’t know;

We ended heading towards a dive bar (now my new favorite thing) and had a few beers before we met up with King. The bar was great and I do recommend it – it is called ‘Lil Pub. As with all dive bars its small, grungy and cheap. The locals are super nice and are always up for talking up their cities whether it be sports, scenery or even local bars and the locals here did not disappoint. I wasn’t able to get anymore pictures in as I had worked up quite a buzz and was just drained from the long drive, restless night and a lot of walking in the D.C. sun.

King took us to a D.C. institution in the form of Ben’s Chili Bowl. It must be great if there’s a long line during the day and having celebrities eat here. Obama said its one of his favorite and of course Anthony Bourdain dined here – both had me at hello so to speak

Observing The Menu

To Tempt Patrons

I ended up ordering a Half-Smoke with Cheese Fries

Half-Smoke You

After a few Stella Artois and Old Fashions this hit the spot immensely. Institution as it is, it was one of the few places that didn’t get raiding back during the Civil Rights Movement. That shows how much people cherish this establishment, as I have grown to adore their food.

Dinner was had at a Korean BBQ Buffet joint in VA which also didn’t disappoint. I was on the verge of stomach eruption after this place. It was that good.

Soju Soju Soju

Patience For Instant Gratification Is Low

Happiness Is A Full Belly

We went to one of King’s friend’s place to hang out and eventually did a little D.C. nightlife and hit up a lounge called The Front Page. Ya it had me going for a while at first.

As with any drunk stupor you get hungry. When you get hungry you want food. When you want food you need to have yourself a Black and Orange burger!

I had no idea what to order let alone remember what I ordered.

Eat What The Local Eat!

They ended up giving us number cards to know what order we’re in. It was not very orderly. After a while of waiting this is what happens with drunk and hungry people.

Speak No Evil

Indian Poker

No Composure

ALAS! Here she comes.

Wrapper So Pretty

If you have ever watched How I Met Your Mother with the episode in which Marshall tries to find that burger in NYC that he first had and changed his life only to find out that the place moved, name changed but burger taste still lingered. Well this was it! Except now I remember the place but I no longer remember the taste. At the time it is the BEST BURGER I HAVE EVER HAD! Period. Hands down. No question. You’re wrong, you’re wrong and you’re wrong. BEST BURGER EVER.

Heaven Between Two Buns

If you don’t eat meat – I feel sorry for you that you will never enjoy pure food orgasm. This is it!

I eventually made my way back into King’s apartment and onto his sofa where I proceeded to pass right out. It has been one long day and it was only Day 1. I slept like a baby to my dreams only to awake at 8 A.M. for the next leg of our journey.

But that is for next time!






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