As We Move On We Remember …

We all know the lyrics to this Vitamin C song – it bring tears to your eyes, if you like those sort of things. But this song and Green Day’s Time of Your Life plays on relentless loops when the end of May/beginning of June comes around.



You’re looking at the newest grad student from the class of 2012 UMass Lowell. Of course these songs only have such meaning when you are whilst still in High School – or finishing it. When leaving college it is less bittersweet but more of an accomplishment for another milestone in yet a young life.

What to do next? I honestly have no clue. I never really plan for the future, I should, but I like to roll with the daily punches. What is next is my two and a half week roadtrip to see this great country of mines.

Checking off my life’s bucket list is what I shall attend to first – then life.

Smile for the Camera

Handshake – Diploma Exchange


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