Boston – On A Whim

Been waiting for a great weekend to just go into Boston, walk around with some friends and armed with my camera. Last Saturday was perfect for such an occasion.

Weather was superb, could not ask for better considering I live in New England where it can be 80 degrees one day and snowing the next, thank you Mother Nature. My company was as equally enjoyable as we traversed through Boston’s streets, and occasionally they acted as my models against a beautiful backdrop. With all the variables in place I just started to snap away, and snap away I did.

My companions:

Uly Houth – The Myth – The Legend

Elizabeth Ngo – The Shyness

You can be sure to find and abundance of vendors outside in Boston on any good weathered day – today was no different.

Chinatown Street Vendors – The Colors

Hustle & Bustle

Man’s Best Friend Out & About

Another great thing about the weather is it brings out street performers of all kinds. On this day I got to bask in the glory of balloon creations, guitar artists and saxophone geniuses.

Happy Balloon Artist

Strumming Strings

Jazz For Your Heart’s Content

Boston Garden is one of the best places to just take a stroll through. There’s flowers, people, performers and of course the swan pond. Today there wasn’t much action from the swans but it was a scene nonetheless.

The Bridge

Island In Way Yonder

Washington Monument

Purple Love

You can get them outside and into nature but you cant get them off their phones.

Modern Life

Walking and walking can get you hungry and it seems that the usual on the go food has been frozen yogurt. I am a fan of the product itself, good tasting yogurt topped off with fruits/junk food/more sugar, but the hype people put around it is very annoying. I know, you like froyo, now please stop spamming all of my social media. Stuff like that. But nonetheless a trip there is always a chance to put a smile on your face.

I was too busy eating to take any photos but I did catch the jenga-esque game we were playing with the cups and the trash receptacle.


After this we took a stroll over towards the Esplinade. I remember this place from my childhood, as I grew up in Boston, but I have never been back since. It’s weird since I spend most of my time in the city. It’s good to finally make time though.

Magnificent Backdrop

Looking Away Into The Midst

I really enjoyed taking the next shot. It’s perfect when people don’t know they’re on camera, it gives it that REAL LIFE feel. A runner stopping to enjoy the same sights as was I.

A Break

Boston – At Its Best

After reading about photo techniques I really wanted to expand my horizons with the use of ambient lighting and in this case it was perfect for shooting silhouettes.

Sailors On The Charles

We stumbled upon a dock on the river walk and spent some time shooting these dark figures.

Backlit Perfect


Elizabeth Through The Streaks


I caught a guy just enjoying his own spot on the dock, having be able to sit back and relax, catch his breathe and just enjoy.

A Breather

I normally don’t like being in front of a camera, let alone my own but Liz wanted to shoot one of me and I couldn’t decline.

Shades of Life

We finished off the day with dinner and I must say it was great nonetheless. More days like these should be had by all, because just walking with no where to go, no agenda to follow and no time to stop is just what you need sometimes in life. It gets hectic, don’t forget to take a breather, a break and slow down your pace to just enjoy life.

Boston – I Love Ya


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