Are You Mudder Tough?!

As the title implies, ARE YOU A TOUGH MUDDER?! Because now I can say that I am! In the first weekend of May I made my trek out to my first Tough Mudder event in Vermont filled with mucho anticipation. Let me tell you it did not disappoint!

Tough Mudder is like Warrior Dash, Spartan Run, Zombie Run and any and all iterations in between, but then some! Its course usually span the distance of 10-12 miles, yes 10-12 miles, while others are an easy pace 3-5. Throw in the fact that most are done on ski/snowboard resorts it’ll make your local stair master at your gym and easy cake walk at level 10 (below the waist was sore for days!) Oh did I mention it was designed with the British Special Forces in mind? Yes 24-26 military grade obstacles are also thrown into the mix with 3-5 ‘mysterious’ ones to be found out the day of. Kind of crazy right? Yea its pretty mental. They don’t call it the toughest event in the universe for nothing (something I soon later found out to be so true)

I couldn’t bring my Nikon D7000 with me as my whole party was participating in the event but what I could take was on my phone as well as my Go-Pro.


Carbing Up!

The drive from our hotel to the event location wasn’t so bad considering it was about 25-30 minutes away. Apparently there were 15000 attendees and all the local hotels were booked up. MONTHS AGO.

Sea of Cars

Anticipation Building

One of the things I didn’t think about was how were we to run 10-12 miles on a ski resort? Tough Mudder came through with running UP AND DOWN it MULTIPLE times. Yea it’s a leg workout.

Up and Down Up and Down

Are You Ready?!


What’s My Number??

The registration part was new. Each participant had a card number attached to their persons as well as the number written on the forehead and another spot on their body. All in the event to identify your body if you go face down in mud.

Tough Mudder Central

Dos Equis Were Abundant

Now onto the show!

It was an experience to say the least and in the process it was FUN AS HELL. Surely it tests your physical ability, but more on your mental ability to finish such a grueling course. What waits for you at the finish line is a Tough Mudder headband and t-shirt. Cant buy these. THEY ARE EARNED. A Dos Equis is there as well – you will be happy to down it.


He’s Also A Tough Mudder



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