Back in the Day of Rollerblading

I hear that saying every day around 12 P.M. on the radio, just in time for the masses to go to lunch no less. I guess I can see the substantial meaning in that. My kind of back on the day buffet is a little different than stuffing my face or listening to some nostalgic music on the radio for a la 20 minutes.

Went through my USB which contained a lot of files from my old laptop I had back in 2006 and I was very happy with the contents I found, specially the pictures and video clips of when I used to skate a lot. It really set me back looking through them, even made me want to strap on the blades and hit a few ledges, a rail or two and jump some gaps like back in the day (I see how that saying works now – HA).

But alas it brought back flooding memories of great times spent skating, meeting new people, going to new places and just having a great time. Here’s a few of the pictures I stumbled across. Enjoy my ‘Back-In-The-Day-Buffet:

Starting Them Off Young

Late Nights Spent Causing Shenanigans

Really Not Giving Two F*CKS

Jackson/Mann Circa 2007

A Few Candids Circa 2006

Candids and ‘not giving a f*cks’ pictures asides there were quite a few old rollerblading pictures of myself:

Soul To Air Circa 2005

Don’t Mind The Hairdo Circa 2004

Back Farf Circa 2007

True Unity Circa 2005

Backslide Circa 2006

Front Farf Circa 2007

Front Farf Circa 2007

I enjoyed my little visit down memory lame. Reminds me a great time I had during my adolescence, a time I wouldn’t mind getting back, but don’t we all at the end of the day feel that way? I am just glad I got into rollerblading – twas a great time.

Have you had you Back-In-The-Day-Buffet today?



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