Colorful Skies

Shooting at dawn and dusk has been the best advice I have read anywhere on the internet. Why? It’s the best time to get saturated colors because the sun is at its best lighting. Or so I have heard. Putting it to the test really makes you appreciate the advice you are given.

Some of my pictures come out dull and unflattering, even though the metering proves right, according to the camera’s light meter, but the harshness of the sun kills any chance of the pictures coming out blooming with color.

The remedy? Post-production. It’s a pain in the ass but with a little help from Lightroom, your pictures can end up looking at lot better than before. The sun can be your best friend or worse enemy here!

Walloston Beach, Quincy MA

Deep Blues

I really enjoy this shot out of all the others I took. Albeit it’s with the Nikkor 10.5 and the color contrast were brighter than the result I have here. The clouds are detailed better than the pre-production picture.

Two Thirds Rule Anyone?

Candid Photo

This was shot with a lot better front light than the others, which were backlit. It needed less touch up, but

I upped the contrast and clarity in most of my pictures. I figure its pleasing to the eyes, least mines. There are always more dabbling and fiddling in post-production but in honesty, if you capture the image correctly, i.e. better timing of light, than you wouldn’t need to touch up, but hey that’s the fun in it!


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