Getting Lost on Motorcycles

Is the question I find myself often asking on more than one occasion. When you’re a motorcyclist riding with a group it’s hard to find a place to ride too when you’re just riding around town. ‘Hey guys where do you want to ride too?’ Ten minutes would pass and the same question is uttered again. It’s quite frustrating really.

The good old days of just riding and getting lost are long gone, or even just anticipating where to go next. It’s like the Great Ark, people speak of it, but no one knows where to head. This past Saturday, after a filling breakfast with one of my friends, this very question bequest itself upon us. Although with a swift suggestion and a location set we were on our way! This moment was like a unicorn coming out of the woods hanging out with Big Foot. It was a miracle that there was no great debate and prolonged time wasting. I was very quite happy.

Next destination: Rockport, MA

Rockport is probably one of my favorite places to ride to in MA. Not only is it accessible by the highway but there is a pretty good, long, moderately twisty back road way to reach this destination. Aside from having more than one access point Rockport is a really charming little seaside town. Stuff you see in movies about yuppies from the city coming back to stay at their parents seaside house – yea it’s like exactly like that.

Companions - Kase Long

Thanh Tran Roaming

One of the best features I love about Rockport is the fact that its tiny. LITERALLY. TINY. You can walk from one side of the jetty back to the main street in a brisk 5 minutes. It’s small size really makes it feel homey. The streets are lined with vendor shops all selling a plethora of knick knacks that can tickle your fancy. I remember seeing an Oriental store to a jewelry all the way to an arts gallery. Everything and anything in between you can think of picking up.

Small Streets

Another thing that I am really, really drawn to about this little seaside town is this little seafood shack they have there. The actual place itself is, yet again you guessed it, pretty small which all still adds to the aura.


Every time we come here the owner always greet us with a smile, a laugh and the day’s catch. Regardless of how many people is in there you can always find happy workers and even happier customers.

The Boss

They pride themselves in amazing catches of the day at an amazing price. There huge tank of lobsters that line one of their walls are always a sight. Not only can you pick out your dinner but the whiff of sea air in the place makes you feel so good, or am I the only one that appreciates it? Maybe.

Beautify Thing To See

Picking Out Your Dinner

Fresh and Kicking

BUT! You wait – the thing that I COME BACK FOR TIME AND TIME AGAIN are their amazing stuff clams! Not only do they fill you up, but they are AMAZING and CHEAP. At $1.50 per clam I usually go through 6 or 7 of these in one sitting! Add in their equally amazing clam chowder and you got yourself a meal!

Stuffed Clams and Chowder

You simply have to enjoy it for yourself to understand why I rave about it. Sitting is at a premium, that is if you want to sit behind the restaurant at picnic tables which I have done so many times but not on this occasion. You see seating is a premium asset to the shack but the thing is people don’t venture beyond the seating, literally 10 feet, to just sit at the dock and enjoy your bounty.

What a View For Lunch

Boats Line the Dock

Little Red Houses

Aside from our feet hanging over the docks we were surrounded lobster cages only to add to the atmosphere.

Bright Lobster Traps

Fisherman's Way of Life

Makes You Feel Caged In

From the amazing food and tiny little shops there are always some sort of street performers. On this day we ran across two girls and their guitar. It was a split second but I managed to just get a picture as we walked pass them, whilst mid-song.

Street Performers

I always enjoy people who play out their passion in the streets. Respect.

After a short walk you will eventually reach the jetty, where most people end up hanging out because it’s just that grand of a scene.

Deceiving To Walk Across This

At Own Risk

I Can Look At This All Day

Did I mention the ice cream here is also very good?! Yea it’s a day for eating when we come here.

Quaint Little Shop

There’s only a few little shops that serves ice cream in this town and this one was really filled wall to wall with patrons. They all know something I am only minutes away from finding out!

Nantucket Nectars

Alas while my sweet tooth has evaded me for the day I managed to sneak away with a Nantucket Nectar to quench my thirst. My friends did get ice cream shakes – which they finished and no sharing was had.

He is Enjoying His

You can always find new places to hang out here as I have every time I have gone here. This trip I found that there was a park just around a corner that I have always just neglected to follow through.

Side Streets

Park at Rockport

A Couple Just Enjoying Themselves

Another Couple Enjoying the Sights

The time to go is a time I loathe. Not only was it a great Saturday just riding around, eating, hanging out and walking we manage to come back to a place that is just relaxing and manged to get there without much debate. I commend you to make a trip there whether on motorcycle, car, bus, airplane, bicycle or walking, OK maybe walking is a stretch, but anyway possible. At least once this year. You won’t regret it. I promise.


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