Car Meets Are Not Dead!

Motorcycles are not the only things to come out to play when nice weather makes a comeback, cars do too. I have been part of for about 6 years now and even though I no longer have an RSX I still make a point to hang out with the people I have met on there. They’re a bunch of characters, old and new, and it is always a good laugh when the bunch of them get together.

Couldn’t miss the opportunity when the first meet was coming up to go and frolic around with them. It was a good excuse to actually be on time as well, they know me very well for showing up hours after the designated time. Frolicking aside, it’s another way to see what people have been up too with their cars as well as personally. Winter can be a drag but with spring on the horizon, summer lurking not far behind, it was a good sign of what is to come for this year.

Ryan Setting Up His Camera For Shooting

New/Old Faces Alike

CRSX T-Shirts. Somehow One Is One Size Too Small.

Nothing Wrong With Parking Lot Drinking

Mr. Chill Himself - Greg

The Hold Up - Huy

Alex & Ryan With A Little Steering Wheel Action

With the meet and greets and the catching up out of the way I proceeded to snap some pictures of some of the cars there. First up is Jeff’s Full Race RSX-S which I must admit has been built beyond expectations. It hauls ass to say the least.

Volks TE37 Sitting on Slick Fronts

Roll Cage Needed For Drag Strip and Go-Pro Mounted

Full Race Approved

Bog Warner Turbo Eats Up Some Serious Real Estate


'So have you sucked in any leaves, rocks, rabbits, birds or small planes lately??'

Full Race Sidewinder Exhaust Pipes

The car sounds almost close to stock at idle, which bewildered me that something pushing over 500+HP sounds stock as can be. It would be a great sleeper car if it werent for the fact that the IC is so well known by its physique. A car of a car nonetheless with meticulous building, top shelf quality parts and not to shabby shoes I might have to say.

Another car that caught my eye was a Nissan 240SX Convertible that had the RB26DETT swap. A very revered motor known to all in the tuning world.

Wouldn't Expect it to Have What it Has

This Sight Made My Pants a Little Tighter

The last one was a new gen Honda Civic with the GReddy Turbo Kit. Although the kit itself was nothing fancy as far as turbo kits goes, but the fact that Honda Co. decided to make the engine bay so hard to work around really made me appreciate the work that was done, must have been a pain in the ass for sure. It was also a very clean car. Something hard to find these days.

Wait For It

Can You See it Hiding Back There?!

Clean Install Nonetheless

A few of the other cars

Need RSX's for an RSX Meet


The day loomed with the risk of a shower which kind of killed it for me since I rode there with my preference to be on two wheels. The weather held up somewhat so I could not complain. It was good to just hang around for a few hours, shoot the shit, look at cars and have a laugh or two. Meeting new people is always great as with seeing old familiar faces.

It’s been four years now since I have been attending these meets and although new people come and old people leave, the perception of these meets are always a great one, have a good time. I doubt I will stop showing up to these things as now it has become a good pastime of mines. Hopefully the next one with have some grilled burgers and beer of some sort.


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