Just As Good

Weather has been less than ideal lately, temperature wise at least. With highs starting in and staying at only about 50 degrees, if lucky, all day it wasnt the most ideal conditions to be riding a motorcycle in.

Nonetheless any chance to be on two wheels is a chance I will gladly take, of course being layered up well doesnt hurt to fend against the elements either!

Met with the usually Lo-Riderz, well some because others were too lazy to wake up so early, 7 a.m., to ride in the frigid cold, and headed on to meet with NESR for their RAY RAY Ride. Here is some snaps I got of the day.

Frigid Ride Up to the Meeting Spot

Bikes for All Taste

Le Squid

Breakfast and Coffee to Fill Stomachs and Warm Hands

Briefing Before the Ride

The ride from Derry, NH to Keene, NH was long and windy not to mention cold. Guess I wasnt dressed as warm as I thought I was, must be worse for others dressed in less layers! The pace was faster than what I am used too, even this early in the season. Had a few mishaps that even gave me jitters. Results? Ended up riding my own ride, my own pace and just enjoyed the road and music from the across-four engine. Nothing like it.

But now its lunchtime! And not to mention meeting up with the rest of the group who headed up from Marlboro.

Bikes to Way Yonder

Have to Love Nikkor 10.5 f/2.8

Meet Minh. Sorry ladies he is taken.

Big Guy/Small Bike or Small Guy/Big Bike ??

Asked Him If He Wanted a New Default for FB - He Got Right To Posing

After snapping a few pics I walked around and introduce myself to the NESR crowd. They all seem to already really knew each other very well, which is always a good thing and makes for good relationships on or off the bike. Its great to be out and bringing forth the Lo-Riderz name even if it is only with 6 or 7 people, it was worth it to meet new riders in and around the area.

With the Nikkor 10.5 on hand I decided to get a snap shot of the bikes which were obviously all lined up nicely.


Of course lunch was finally served.


Helmet Holders

After lunch we decided to ride home and call it a day. Having to never wake up so early to ride, aside from trackdays, it really took a toll on my energy as I lacked sleep. But it wasnt complete with a stop to Red Robbins for a burger and a 22 ounce Blue Moon. Now that was a good day of riding.

Cant wait for the rest of the season. It will be JUST AS GOOD.


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