Group Meetings

With less than two months to go on embarking on my road trip I figured it would be good to meet with my friends whom are coming along on this trip and plan it out a little bit more. Get the ball rolling so when we are out on the road there will be less surprises and just one helluva good time.

A Few Breweries For Added Effect

Thin Crust Mania Because Liz is Picky

Pizza and Beer always makes the planning process go a little bit more smoothly

Hello There United States of America

Everything Looks More Legit When You Use a Pen

This Will Be Referred to as ‘The List’

The planning is well underway!

Hard At Work

We plan on meeting bi-weekly just to see where we are with supplies, housing, food and such for the trip. All in all I must say I am counting down the days until we sit in my car and blast down the MA Pike onto D.C. Until then I cannot wait!

Probably Kill Each Other On This Trip


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