Delivery Man Surprises

When we purchase something on the internet we want that instant gratification that we get when we buy it in a brick and mortar store. Sadly this isn’t the case. We cant’s touch, look at, feel, sniff (if that’s what we choose to do!) and most importantly try on. But hey if that’s a downside to saving a few hundred dollars by all means I am for it.

I am like a little kid when I buy anything online and anxiously wait for the delivery truck to pull up into my driveway and the delivery man bringing me my much anticipated package! We all can relate to that feeling I am sure!

I am in need of a new track suit (for my motorcycle for my followers) as well as some gloves for the street, so needless to say I am very happy they are finally here.

Alpinestar GP-Pro Leather Suit

Unscraped Pucks

New Calve Zipper

For Those With Muscular Calvles Like Myself

Really Enjoy the Colorwar

Alpinestar Insignia Patched All Over

Elbow Sliders - Much Needed

One Goal - One Vision

Attention to Detail

Option for Their Snap On Back Protectors

The Rear - As Attractive As the Front

The Almighty Back Hump

My last suit was a Teknic and by all means it was a great suit but I always preferred Alpinestars over it. Call me a ‘brand slut’ if you will.

This suit is a 40, my last was a 42, so you can tell it fits a little tighter than the last, which I don’t mind at all. Either lose weight or have a tough time getting in it. Here’s a few things I like about this suit:

+Calve zipper that makes people with bigger calves, like myself, have more room in the leg portion
+The stitching on this thing feels really good and study
+Its fit is true to size, but that’s because my preference is to have a tighter suit
+Option of a snap on back protector is a great idea
+Elbow sliders can also save that vulnerable area of stitching if you do go down
+Always great coloways and designs
+Front zipper is beasty as hell. No worries on it breaking

But I needed street gloves too so I picked these babies up.

2011 Alpinestar SP-1 Gloves

Somewhat Same Design As Their 2010 Model

New Wrist Closure System

Again Attention to Detail

Accordion Finger Panels

Didn't Notice the Logo Their!

My old 2010 SP-1 had to survive two seasons and trackdays and well needless to say they were DONE! Holes in the fingers and rips in the gauntlet warranted for new gloves. These babies will take over my street riding as my GP-Techs handle the trackside.

At first glance they feel, and smell, heavenly. I love the smell of brand new leather. The fit a great, although these are a medium. I prefer the small size but they take a longer time to break in as I found out on my last pair. I didn’t want to have to go through that trouble with these this time.

A few of my likes:

+New palm construction looks the same but it feels so much sturdier
+I love the new wrist closure, again it seems they beefed it over their predecessor
+Even flashier than the last, which is always a good thing

It seems now that I am street and track ready for the season which means I cannot wait until it starts. If there are ants in my pants I am ANTSING! BRING ON THE SEASON ALREADY!


















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