Meticulous Planning of Roadtrips

Sorry blog followers as I haven’t been able to update as much as I would like. My last semester has started so it has taken a real toll on my free time. With that I have been routing out my summer road trip route with the use of GoogleMaps. Although it was a pain I have finished trekking plots on the U.S. that I cant wait to drive through. Here is the finished product:

So Much to See. So Little Time.

This trip will just be an excuse to hit the road and see as many of this beautiful country as I can before I don’t have the chance again. It’ll be mostly to see national parks, eat what the region has to offer and meet new people. A little self-discovery is encouraged on this trip! As for places here is the list that I will be visiting:

-Grand Canyon

-Sequoia National Park

-Yosemite National Park

-Highway 50

-Roswell, NM

-Arches National Park

-Grand Teton National Park

-Yellowstone National Park @ WY

-Mount Rushmore

-Niagra Falls

Hopefully this trip will be pulled off without a hitch! Only a few more months until we set onto the road! If fellow bloggers have any suggestions on where we should visit please feel free to leave a comment!


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