Siberian Husky Sunday

Made a short detour on my day yesterday to visit my Siberian Husky that I have sold to my great friends, well I guess it’s theirs now but you get the idea!

I haven’t seen him in months and let alone seeing my brother’s dog grow, they are about two days apart (crazy I know), I was surprised to see how much Hero has grown!

Learning how to pose majestically

His fur is really coming in thick - such a beaut

The good life

Obedient side tongue action

One of the unique and beautiful features of a Siberian Husky - bi-eyes

His loving new owner Dave

Thoroughly he seems to be having the time of his life. As for the owners I couldn’t have asked to hand him off to a better couple. They may plan to get another one, but maybe a six month old next time, which would be great for Hero since he will have a buddy to play with.

Hopefully next time I see him he will be just as lively.






2 responses to “Siberian Husky Sunday

  1. Siberian husky’s are amazing, they can be cute and at the same time have that ‘stare’ that will only have you wondering what goes through their minds lol πŸ˜€

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