After a few weeks of piecing together my snowboarding gear for this season it is finally finished!

My setup is currently:
+Rome SDS Garage Rocker 154

The board has a good overall flex as with most Rome boards (rode my brother’s SDS Artifact) and I feel as if its a good length for myself. All around it should be good since its a free ride board. Hoping to testing it out on the fresh powder that the northeast is seeming to lack so far this season

+Flow M9 Step-In Bindings

I hated the whole long process to strap back in after you get off the lift so I asked a friend for some step in binding recommendations and these were his feedback. They look sick and the fact that the back neck swings down so you can just stomp your foot in and snap back makes strapping in a breeze. They have good flex that I wanted (coming from using same strap setup in my Xsjado roller blades). Definitely a good price as well.

+Burton Moto 2012 Boots

After riding my brother’s boots (size 8) for a session or two I really felt my toes getting crushed! So when looking for boots my main priority was comfort – seeing how it’ll be on my foot for a great majority of the day. I opted with Burton Motos to take care of that need. These are super comfortable seeing how they are in my right size! And the speed lacing system, pull strap on the inside, dual straps on the upper zone, makes lacing these puppies up a breeze.

Had some help putting it together of course:

Well Dozer was more of a distraction than anything but my brother got to setting up my bindings:

Check out his blog: http://www.runandexplode.wordpress.com

Final product:

See you on the slopes!


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