Spent Saturday bracing brick cold weather and traveling to Kingston, NYC to pick up a bike with a friend. No need to come rather than just road tripping for a few good hours. The drive was long to say the least – 3.5-4 hours in a pick-up truck that really wasn’t the most stable thing in the world but it got the job done.

We left at 9 a.m. and well here’s some pictures:

Yep – it is saying 207 miles.

The compatriots I have for such a journey:

Cold and almost desolate Saturday morning roads in MA.

Fueling up with coffee, doughnuts and more coffee!!

Saw this beauty on the highway somewhere past Holy Cross in Worcester. I wouldn’t mind rolling around in one of these things.

Sunny in MA but then dreary in NY – guess which one I would prefer to live in?!

At this point in the drive I am getting pretty annoyed – realization that road tripping is crazy killer boring.

Not mention the crazy toll charges – yep way to rape our pockets NY.

But we finally go to the seller’s house after a few missed turns, rest stop bathroom breaks and empty box of doughnuts later – we are here. After a quick chat with the seller and a walk around, well multiple walk around on the motorcycle, my friend decided ‘Well since we are here, mind as well buy it!!!!’

Here she is:

The bike, albeit names Sakura by the new owner, is a Suzuki GSX-R 750 and from what I can gather here are the parts on this beaut:

-Full Akrapovic Stainless Steel System

-Dynotjet PC III Power Comander

-Pazzo Shorty Clutch/Brake Levers

-Michelin Power 2CT

-Competition Werkes Fender Eliminator

-Flush Front Signals

Not sure what the owner’s plans are for this bike in the future but at the mileage and price it wasn’t such a bad deal. The orange is starting to grow on me.

Well it’s time to go home!


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