Race Your Life

Today is Simoncelli’s funeral and it really makes it come full circle that he is no longer here.

In honor of his funeral the Italian media are going broadcast his funeral live. The Misano Circuit are putting it up on their two large jumbotrons. Even AC Milan gave a tribute to the late Super Sic.

Thousands lined up outside the airport awaiting the arrival of his body from Malaysia. Even more lined up outside his home to say their last respects, including Marco Melandri. As for the funeral Rossi will be attending it, I am sure he will be in tears and not an eye will be dry in during the proceedings.

Here’s some of the articles I’ve read over the past week that has tugged and pulled at my heartstrings.

Kevin Schwantz on Super Sic

Toby Moody on Marco

I still cannot believe it happened. But thats the price for greatness. His father, Pablo, said it best ‘Sic wouldn’t have died if he just let go of the bike, but he was a warrior.’

Rest In Peace Super Sic!!


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