Remembering 58

I woke up this morning to the bone chilling news that Marco Simoncelli has passed away due to traumatic injuries he suffered in the first two laps of the Sepang Grand Prix.

I had dreampt in the hours leading up to the race that something horrific has happened. I could not believe this at all. I felt like this was some cruel joke that someone out there, regardless of how sick, would post up. But to my disbelief, this wasn’t a joke, but indeed the real, shocking news, Marco has passed.

I don’t know why I am so affected by his passing but it has shocked my foundation to its core. I have always loved watching him race, whether fighting for 8th position or up front for a podium. He always made racing exciting and really enjoyable to watch. His hard to understand Italian accent when speaking English, his antics on and off the track, the charisma that oozes from his every pore, the talent he showed upon two wheels, I miss them already.

There was so much more life he had ahead of him to have it end in this tragedy. For only a few days before I saw videos, dead recent at that, of him riding around Italy’s streets and having fun. That carefree nature away from the MotoGP world showed his character in a completely different way. For the rest of the days in this sport I doubt that there will ever be another Marco Simoncelli.

Ciao Super Sic!!


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