Rockport on a Sunday

Spent today on a whim. Had plans to go to Bob’s Old Shooting Range in Salisbury to finally get a chance to shoot some handguns.

After this experience I realized that what they show in the movies aren’t really true at all! The magazines were really hard to load, since I am a newbie, and the point-and-shoot-hit-target-and-kill faux of Hollywood filmaking is so fake. I couldnt hit half of my shots on my target board. Overall it was an incredible first experience. I must admit I did get a little bit nervous to pull the trigger on the first shot. Now I am hooked.

Later on we met up with the other guys and cruised on down to Gloucester and eventually Rockport. It seemed somewhat like a ‘couples ride’ seeing how all of us had a passenger and 4/6 of the guys had their girlfriends with them, me including. It was fun nonetheless, there were plenty of moments for candid photos and scenic shots/ride. We ended up in Rockport and had some baked clams, smoked salmon, lobster rolls, clam chowder and an overall good, outdoor New England fall Sunday afternoon.

If this is a precursor to winter then it’ll be hardpressed. Wont have weekends like this until next season, but that shouldn’t deter some winter mayhem!


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